Adjustable Micro Sprinkler Stakes


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Adjustable Micro Sprinkler Stakes are very useful when building a system that will take the hassle out of watering your favourite plants every day. These little sprinklers connect to standard 5mm Irrigation Tubing and you can adjust the flow-rate of each sprinkler as you see fit by loosening or tightening the top of the sprinkler (Red cap).

Similar to Arrow drippers, these sprinklers will provide a decent flow rate when used in conjunction with a low-pressure water pump, making them ideal for low-cost, small scale watering systems. 

Simply install a 12, 15 or 20mm Irrigation piping trunk line running through your potted plants, and use:

Threaded-Barbed 5mm connectors or Cross Connector 12mm to 5mm

and 5mm Irrigation Tubing

to feed one or more Adjustable Micro Sprinkler Stakes installed in your potted plants.

Choose the size of the trunk line according to the outlet size of your water pump.

Choose the size of your water pump according to how many plants you want to water. Look at the head-height and flow-rate of the various water pumps available.

Once you have your water lines and water supply set up, you can easily water and feed multiple plants by simply switching on your water pump, or by setting up an automatic watering schedule by using a Digital Timer. These timers can be programmed for as little as 1 minute, a good thing when you have a high flow rate ! They also keep their programmed memory during bouts of load-shedding.

TIP: Measure your self watering system’s output per minute by catching and then measuring the output of a single sprinkler in a bucket over a time period of one minute. You can then work out for how many minutes your system needs to be on for to deliver the desired amount of water or feeding solution to each of your plants.

Sprinkler length: 13cm

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