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Nutrient PPM Calculator & NPK ratios

Detailed dosage breakdown by element into PPM and NPK ratio for Hortimix / EHG / General Hydroponics Flora Series. Download this spreadsheet  to easily obtain a detailed break-down of what you are feeding your plants when using the Hortimix or EHG ranges of nutrients. All you have to do is to add the amounts of each part […]

Aeroponic Cloner usage instructions

Aeroponic Cloner usage instructions: 1) There is a drainage fitting on the bottom of your reservoir, which should be pulled out and re-inserted so that the pipe and plug sticks out on the outside of the reservoir instead of being on the inside. Pulling out the plug would let you easily drain the reservoir into […]

DWC-Hybrid Kit Instructions

DWC-Hybrid Usage Instructions Our DWC system is a hybrid system that combines two important hydroponic technologies: Hydro (drip) and DWC (roots immersed and suspended). This system provides advantages of both techniques: Easy installation, usage and maintenance. Substantially shortens growth and flowering cycles compared to traditional systems, giving you more harvests per year! Continuous feeding and watering […]

Leca Coupon

Leca coupon available until the end of July 2014. Please use the following  coupon code on checkout to get 15% off  Leca (also known as Hydroton). lecajuly2014 From Wikipedia: With the advantage of light weight, high permeability, high durability and excellent sound and thermal insulating properties, expanded clay is a good ‘all round’ aggregate for […]