Quotations ………

Simple wish-list costings: Please use the website, shopping cart and maybe even a CALCULATOR to see what your invoice and shipping amounts will come to.

Extraordinary amounts of a certain product: A 75% deposit will be required on any exceptionally large orders – please email info@hydroponic.co.za to request more information.

How to QUICKLY obtain a .pdf pro forma invoice AUTOMATICALLY for IN STOCK ITEMS:

If your company requires a formal quotation / pro forma invoice to sign off on before a purchase is possible:

  1. Register a user account on the website.
  2. Add all required items to your shopping cart.
  3. Start checking out and fill in all required billing and shipping details (INCLUDING company’s VAT number inside the “Company Name” text-box, directly after the company name).
  4. Select EFT as payment method and place the order. (There is no obligation to pay and unpaid orders will be cancelled after 7 days)
  5. Click ON “My Account” in the main menu, while logged in.
  6. Click on “Orders” on the right side of the screen.
  7. Print or download your order/quote/pro-forma invoice.