tCheck 3 Potency Tester

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tCheck 3 Potency Tester…  with improved test-to-test repeatability and enhanced accuracy.

The tCheck 3 (unit colors vary… black, white, green or blue) is the ultimate tool for testing the potency of your cannabis edibles. Whether you’re a professional producer or a homemade enthusiast, this handheld device is perfect for you.

You can measure the THC and CBD levels in your infused cannabutter, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and alcohol tinctures.

It’s super easy to use and within just 2 minutes, you’ll get clear and understandable results in milligrams per milliliter. No more confusion or guesswork! Just dial in your recipe and find out the exact dose you need.

And the tCheck 3 THC and CBD Potency Tester comes with a reusable tray and no subscription fees.

The tCheck 3 utilizes advanced UV spectrophotometry technology, similar to what you would find in a lab.

So, why wait? Start testing your products with the tCheck 3 THC and CBD Potency Tester now!

The tCheck 3 Potency Tester: Everything you need for reliable results:

Measurements for your oil or tincture is shown in mg of cannabinoids per mL (or teaspoon, tablespoon, cup, etc.) allowing you to easily understand the strength of your infusions.

Measure the potency of your oil or tincture in just a few minutes.

tCheck self compensates for ambient room temperature and age of the internal light sources for the most consistent and accurate measurements. Each device is calibrated using 22 oil/cannabinoid combinations at the factory using HPLC certified standards.

Store all of your measurement readings along with notes in the cloud.

Accurately blend your infused oil with un-infused oil to achieve the exact potency in each serving of your edible. No guessing, no taste testing.

What can be tested with tCheck?

Decarbed flower based infusions

Accuracy: +/-4mg/ml

Decarbed THC flower: Alcohol, Butter, MCT coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil

*Decarbed flower based infusions made with hemp are not supported at this time.

Dried raw flower (not decarbed)

Accuracy: +/- 3 percentage points

Sativa cannabis, Indica cannabis, Hybrid, Hemp (Unable to test for 0.3% THCa)

*CBG rich strain or CBN rich strain are not supported at this time.

Isolate based infusions

Accuracy: +/- 2mg/ml

Winterized THC isolates: Alcohol, Butter, MCT coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil

Winterized CBD isolates: Alcohol, MCT coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil

*Non-winterized isolates are not supported at this time.

Winterized concentrate

Accuracy: +/- 7 percentage points

THCa & CBD: Butane hash oil (BHO), Shatter, Budder, Crumble, Diamonds, Resin, Distillate, Crystalline

*THC and CBDa concentrates (not commonly available) or CBN and CBG concentrates are not supported at this time.

tCheck 3 Potency Tester – Key benefits:

Pays for itself in just 10 batches – Spare your wallet in the long run. With tCheck, you have the option to make edibles in the comfort of your own home.

Reuse the tray over – and over… The patented tCheck tray is made using a proprietary plastic formulation for reliable use over thousands of tests. After each use, just hand wash in warm water and dish detergent (do not use dishwasher).

Portable and durable – We all know that kitchen space is precious and appliances take a beating. While tCheck is a lab-grade instrument, it can handle the day to day rigors of a real kitchen.