T8 LED Tubes and Fittings 120cm


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T8 LED Tubes and Fittings 120cm:


T8 Fixture Connector Advice

Low cost, slim-line and ultra light, these can easily be installed in cloning racks or propagation tents. They can also be hung vertically to be used as supplemental lighting for dark tent corners and in between plantings.

Each Double T8 LED Fitting is 1215mm long and fits 2 x T8 LED tubes. PLEASE NOTE: These fittings are not the same as older fluorescent fittings (which have ballasts and starters) and should not be used for fluorescent tubes!

Each Clear T8 LED Tube is 1200mm long, has a 18 Watt power draw, 6500K colour temperature, and Lumen output of 1600 Lumens. PLEASE NOTE: These tubes are not the same as older fluorescent tubes and should not be used in fluorescent fittings!

The LED tubes produce hardly any heat and can be hung as close to the cuttings or seedlings as possible to maximize the light intensity.

T8 LED Tubes and Fittings 120cm Assembly:

  • Always wire up and use correctly.
  • Never put strain on the connected electrical wire. Do not hang from electrical wire.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The holes of the hanging eyelets ( that are folded up, out of the casing, if needed, one on each side ) are too small to clip into standard rope ratchet clips. Use something like a round key-holder ring to go into the hanging eyelets and then clip the key ring into the rope ratchet clips if needed.
  • Take care when handling these units as they are light-duty items and can easily damage if dropped by accident.
  • For indoor use only

T8 Instructions