Six Port Sprinkler Bubbler Manifold


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Six Port Sprinkler Bubbler Manifold – an ideal component if you are building a small or medium sized automated watering system!

This economical sprinkler manifold screws into standard so called 1/2″ (approx. 17mm) male threaded sprinkler adaptor fittings and allows for the connection of up to 6 “5mm” irrigation lines. These 5mm watering lines (commonly in use in residential and agricultural irrigation and often referred to as micro-sprinkler piping) can each water an individual potted plant. Fewer lines can be utilized as well – simply leave the end caps that the unit comes with attached to each outlet that is not being used.

We currently stock straight 12mm Inline Tap Adaptors fittings and straight 15 mm Inline Tap Adaptor fittings – both of which are compatible with these manifolds. The only difference between these would be the size of irrigation line that would be used ( 12mm or 15mm ).

The water output per line per minute will of course be determined by the amount of water pressure that the Six Port Sprinkler Bubbler Manifold is connected to – pond pump normally do not provide lots of pressure, and if they are used, the pump may have to remain on for a longer period of time before the desired amount of water has been applied to each pot. A simple test can be run after the watering system has been installed, to see how many liters of water is provided by each outlet per minute – simply place an outlet inside of a measuring jug and use your smartphone’s stopwatch function to run the pump for one minute. Then see how much water has been added to the jug.

Multiple manifolds can be used to set up a single watering system, but remember that increased pump sizes / increased water pressures will be need as the number of manifolds are increased. The output of each manifold and 5mm irrigation line may also vary – depending on the way that the system is set up… if the water pressure in the main supply line is not equalized, the manifold furthest from the water source inlet will have a smaller flowrate than the closer ones. 5mm lines that are substantially longer than the others will also have a lesser flow-rate.

Analogue or digital timers can be used to automatically turn watering on and off during a 24 hr or weekly period.


TIP: A simple pressure-equalizing base can easily be constructed with a bit of piping and irrigation fittings, as in the picture below…

Six Port Sprinkler Bubbler Manifold on base