ROOTiT First Feed


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ROOTiT First Feed is a specially blended ‘baby plant food’ to give seedlings and cuttings the best start. It is gentle yet effective in promoting fast and healthy root development to create a stronger more robust plant, ready to be transplanted successfully. Giving the plants everything that they require reduces failure and future stress when planting out.

After the first true leaves appear the plant begins to demand a little more. Good light, right temperatures and a small dose of food will keep the plants healthy and strong ready to transplant.

Sold in 125 ml bottles

Directions for use:

Shake thoroughly for 20 seconds before use. Pre-soak propagation plugs / sponges / substrates by adding 5 mls of First Feed per liter of water. Once the propagation medium has drained to optimum moisture, seeds or cuttings can be placed. (Remember the rooting hormone if doing plant clones or cuttings!)

For young plants or cutting that are already rooted – add 5 -8 mls of ROOTiT First Feed to a liter of water, and apply when plants need watering, during the 1st 2 to 3 weeks of their vegetative cycle.

Wash hands after handling, prevent contact with face and eyes. Store in a cool, dry place, away from children and pets.

Active Ingredients:

Nitrogen ( N ) : 18 g/kg

Potassium ( K ) : 17 g/kg

Magnesium ( Mg ) : 5.7 g/kg

Boron ( B ) : 0.2 g/kg