RapidGrow Rooting Pots with Tray


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RapidGrow Rooting Pots with Tray features 9 x 500 ml slotted pots that are narrow (+- 8cm diameter) and deep (13cm tall). This makes it ideal for quickly rooting seeds, seedlings or clones into a good sized root volume – ready to transplant into a larger container!

CAN BE BLACK OR GREY PLASTIC, depending on availably.

The slotted pots of the RapidGrow Rooting Pots with Tray are similar to net pots and air pruning pots – allowing for great drainage and aeration of the roots and substrate, factors that all play a role in root development.

The 9 pot tray makes it easy to handle, move, water and maintain multiple seedlings or clones at once. The tray with the 9 pots inside of it measures 30 cm x30 cm x 16 cm high.

*Highlighter for scale only

If you are looking to generate healthy root mass quickly, we recommend using Cosmocel Cosmoroot Rooting Promoter as early feeding for clones and seedlings.

Cosmoroot promotes and strengthens root formation and root development. Cosmoroot is a Bio-stimulant and should be used in conjunction with a regular nutrient feeding plan.

To increase yields you need to increase root mass. The bigger the root mass the more nutrients can be absorbed by the plant. A good root system results in healthy vascular tissue formation, this means well developed fruit or flowers. Roots synthesize the hormones responsible for cell division and enlargement, so the more roots you have the bigger the yield.