RAM Carbon Air Filter 250/600

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RAM Carbon Air Filter 250/600: ( 250mm Diameter flange / 600mm length ), Capacity: 1080 m3/hr.

Using Virgin Australian RC412 Carbon, which is widely considered to be the superior carbon for air filtration, the RAM Pro Active professional range of filters is designed with the grower in mind. This means they are guaranteed to do the job, easy-to-use, value for money and flexible to suit your needs in a variety of sizes.

The RAM Pro Active Carbon Filter features a carbon pore size of 0.02 micron, which is very high in carbon specification. It means that the carbon is far more absorbent to volatile organic smells and is more attractive to them making the odour element stick to them like glue and become absorbed.

The carbon filling process used in the manufacture of these filters includes inline drying and dehumidifying to make sure the carbon is in peak condition before the filter is compacted. We also use special expansion foam on the neck making sure that the compaction rate of the carbon remains high at all times. Lower quality filters can have poor compaction, meaning volatile smells can escape before contact with the carbon filter.

Use the RAM Carbon Air Filter 250/600 with suitable inline extraction fans, like the Hydor HIT 250mm Metal Inline Fan