Oksinto Pro H420 Precision Pruners


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Oksinto Pro H420 Precision Pruners with Japenese SK5 blades are fine enough to provide a very high standard of trimming.

Oksinto Pro H420 Precision Pruners feature a ergonomic grip which includes a strong rubber band to hold the grip and blades in place for safety during storage. Flip this rubber band insdie out to act as a finger grip for greater ease of use while trimming.

Pruning scissors come in handy when cultivating prized plants and are ideal for fine pruning, where regular garden pruners are just too large and clumsy. These small types of shears are also frequently used when trimming dried Cannabis. The Chikamasa pruners’ ergonomic design will reduce hand fatigue over time when trimming larger volumes and the non-stick coating will help prevent sticky blades.


  • Length: 185mm
  • Width: 54mm
  • Cutting Edge Length: 50mm
  • Made from quality Japanese steel
  • Fine blades allow for intricate trimming
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for comfort
  • Spring-loaded to reduce hand fatigue
  • Strong band holds the scissors closed for safety when not in use
  • The band doubles as a finger grip for greater ease of use

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