NEWTS Mineral Plant Nutrients




NEWTS Mineral Plant Nutrients – Super concentrated, fully chelated, bio-available plant nutrients that are scientifically formulated to offer plants exactly what they need to thrive in each growth stage. NEWTS fertilizers provides these elements in a form that is readily taken up by the roots.

Made up of an A & B for the vegetative cycle AND an A & B for the flowering cycle…

Veg A forms the basis of the fertilization program and provides plants with bio-available Nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium as well as a full range of Micro-nutrients.

Veg B provides balanced levels of Potassium and Phosphorous and high levels of Magnesium to ensure strong roots, stems and shoots.
Combined NPK of Veg A + Veg B = 2-1-3
NEWTS Veg Feeding
Flower A forms the backbone of the flower nutrients and provides plants with loads of Micro minerals and Calcium, allowing the plant to flower with vigour.
Flower B provides high levels of Phosphorous, Potassium and Magnesium allowing for strong plants and heavy flowers. Additional Sulphur further boosts each plant to reach its maximum resin and terpene production.
Combined NPK of Flower A + Flower B = 1-2-3
NEWTS Bloom Feeding

Why you should be using NEWTS Mineral Plant Nutrients

  • NEWTS Veg and Flower is manufactured using the highest-grade mineral ingredients, making sure that NEWTS is fully chelated and bio-available for easy up take.
  • The NEWTS range is locally produced cannabis nutrients, competing with leading international brands at more affordable prices.
  • NEWTS is 5 x more concentrated than current leading local brands and works out cheaper per feed while providing higher levels of available nutrients than its local competitors.
  • Because studies have shown that Iron plays a critical role in photosynthesis1, NEWTS has more chelated-Iron. This increases the rate of chlorophyll production which improves growth and yields.
  • NEWTS has a higher Sulphur content because studies have shown that Sulphur plays a vital role in plant metabolism, disease resistance and enzyme production2. These qualities help to maximize metabolic processes3, and boost terpene production.
  • NEWTS is more PH stable compared to leading local brands.
  • NEWTS contains higher levels of bio-available micro-nutrients than most leading international brands.
  • Because the vegetative period is shorter than other agricultural crops, and plants are often grown from clones instead of seeds, we use higher levels of Phosphorous for rapid root growth and thick stem development. Most premium international brands contain approximately 30ppm of Phosphorous in veg, while NEWTS has around 45ppm in veg at full strength.
  • NEWTS Veg has an NPK of 2-1-3, providing high levels of Nitrogen and slightly more Potassium because Potassium aids in the uptake and use of Nitrogen.
  • NEWTS Flower has an NPK of 1-2-3. Available research indicates that during flower, the Nitrogen requirement is half of what it is during veg. The plant requires significantly more Phosphorous and Potassium to form thick, heavy flowers. NEWTS provides these elements in a form that is readily taken up by the roots.

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