Margaret Roberts Biological Mosquito Insecticide


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Margaret Roberts Biological Mosquito Insecticide is a microbial insecticide (biological agent) for the control of mosquito and fungus gnat larvae in their breeding sites.

Contains: Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis


Insects: Mosquitoes and fungus gnat larvae (also used in  Africa for the control of blackfly larvae)

Dosage: Average 40 g per 10 litre water/ 1000 m² breeding areas.

Crops or area: Ponds, marsh and wet areas, lawn and potting soil.

Environmental hazard: Kills larvae of mosquitoes and fungus gnats. No harmful toxic residues. No secondary poisoning. Can be used over breeding areas of mosquitoes, e.g. fish ponds. Harmless to bees, birds, fish, pets, wildlife, most beneficial aquatic insects and natural predators. Does not kill adult mosquitoes, only larvae. Very low dosage. Non persistent in the environment.