Luer Lock Syringe 60ml

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Luer Lock Syringe 60ml

Why guess, when you can measure precisely! With this 60ml measuring syringe, you have precise control over your nutrient and booster dosages. An essential part of any grow room – no grower should be without at least one of these if they are after really good results.

It’s important to be accurate in your application of nutrients, with most measurements being between 4-100 ml you need a syringe that is suited to measuring the amounts outlined in your feed schedule. Many hydroponic gardeners use a teaspoon (5ml) to measure the nutrients they are adding to their solution however this can be inaccurate when your nutrients have to be applied in amounts other than 5ml increments.

Using a syringe is a cheap and effective solution to the problem of measuring your nutrients, syringes are accurate, reusable and available in a variety of sizes. Take the hassle out of feeding your plants and use a syringe, you’ll save time and get more accurate measurements, they’re an essential bit of kit for any hydroponic gardener!

Get the Luer Lock Syringe 60ml, for accurate measurement when adding supplements to a nutrient solution. Gardeners can attach tubing (5mm irrigation piping works well) to withdraw nutrient solution from hard-to-reach bits of nutrient when the levels get lower 🙂