Hortimix Nutrient A

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Hortimix Nutrient A is a water soluble combination of plant nutrients suitable for use in hydroponic (soil-less) crop production systems, and when used together with calcium nitrate it is a balanced source of macro and micro nutrients.

When Hortimix Nutrient A is applied to the irrigation water as directed, the nutrients are readily available and provide for optimum plant growth and high yields of good quality.

Please note: Nutrient A needs to be used in conjunction with Nutrient B to provide all the nutrients your plants require.

For Flowering plants, you will also require MKP (Bloom Booster) e.g Tomatoes, Peppers, Chillies, Flowers etc.

How much do you Need:

525g makes 5l of Concentrated Nutrient Solution. You will then mix (depending on the growth stage of your plant between 1ml to 11ml of Nutrient Solution per 1 litre of water). Please see Feeding schedule below. Remember to add a 5lt container to your cart, if needed.


Nutrient A Contains*:

Macro Elements:

Nitrogen N 62g/kg

Phosphorus P 44g/kg

Potassium K 240g/kg

Magnesium Mg 26g/kg

Sulphur S 61g/kg

Trace Elements:

Iron Fe 1690 mg/kg (EDTA Chelate)

Manganese Mn 408mg/kg (EDTA Chelate)

Boron B 462mg/kg

Zinc Zn 204mg/kg (EDTA Chelate)

Molybdenum Mo 10mg/kg

Copper (Cu) 30mg/kg (EDTA Chelate)

* Composition may vary slightly over time, depending on manufacturers’ available supplies.

Nutrient Preparation and Usage : 


Hydroponic gardeners benefit with plants that exhibit consistently strong, rapid, and healthy growth. Plants are able to reach their maximum potential when grown hydroponically because the gardener can make sure that the nutrients are always available to the plants in the right proportions. Nutrient solutions with pH outside of the optimum range can “lock up” minerals, keeping them from being absorbed by the root structure. Check your pH regularly.