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Important notice regarding Freedom Farms Antifragile Craft Soil (a super-soil):

Nutrient toxicity can occur due to the high nutrient content of super-soils such as the Freedom Farms Antifragile Craft Soil, especially directly after transplanting.

The high nutrient content of a super-soil should cover all nutrient requirements of the plant through both the vegetative and flowering phases for plants that are of the size and nature be be able to handle the Antifragile super-soil at full strength.

Sold in 30lt bags.

Some important points regarding toxicity issues (Mainly relevant to indoor Cannabis cultivation):

⁃ Cannabis strains range widely in terms of their nutrient requirements and uptake.
⁃ Many strains will show toxicity issues in the Antifragile super-soil after transplanting.
⁃ Cannabis under Indoor cultivation conditions are much more susceptible to nutrient toxicity due to the lower environmental intensity.
⁃ Plants grown in high intensity* indoor facilities will have less or no issues.
⁃ Start with testing the Antifragile super-soil by using half Antifragile soil and half Classic soil. Add the two soil layers separately, with the roots starting off in the Classic soil (the top half of the pot).
⁃ With first watering allow for some good runoff (more important for a full strength Antifragile grow).
⁃ Give it time (1 week) for plants adapt to a strong soil. Observe new growth tips.
⁃ Apply a 50% runoff-flush if symptoms persist in the newest growth after 1 week.
⁃ Do not add nutrients to rectify symptoms.
⁃ If you already have a good method going, don’t change everything to a new soil immediately.
⁃ Get familiar with a new soil by starting small and noticing which strains do well in a particular soil under your unique growing conditions.
⁃ Outdoor cultivation performs very well on full strength (i.e. 100% soil volume Antifragile, again, for plants that are of the size and nature be be able to handle the Antifragile super-soil at full strength).
Remember to read the info on the back of the Antifragile soil bag.
⁃ Small adjustments will be made to the Antifragile as Freedom Farms receives feedback from clients. Client feedback is very important to Freedom Farms.
⁃ Please mail with positive and negative feedback.

* High Intensity conditions relates to consistent maximum photosynthetic rates achieved through light intensity equivalent or higher than 1000W HID, optimal VPD, optimal airflow, optimal temperature (canopy and roots), optimal humidity and optimal soil water scheduling. I.e. in commercial grade facilities.

Freedom Farms Antifragile Craft Soil:

HEAVY NUTRIENT CONTENT – No additional nutrient inputs required. For larger, capable plants only!

This craft soil is a fully loaded living soil with immediate-, medium- and slow release sources of natural organic plant nutrients.


Coco coir, premium worm castings, biochar, perlite, vermiculite, organic nutrient blend, insect frass, volcanic rock dust, fine bone meal, gypsum, fish bone meal, blood meal, diatomaceous earth, Freedom Farms Bokashi, humic acid, Epsom salts, Bacillus Thuringiensis (Fungus Gnat larvae prevention), Trichoderma Harzianum (soil-borne pathogen prevention).