Fertilis Worm Castings




Fertilis Worm Castings:

“Made from cow manure, processed by earthworms. Odourless, weed-free, guaranteed not to burn”


(Approved input for Certified Organic by Control Union for EU & US NOP standard)

Fertilis Earthworm Castings is a complete plant food and rich humus made from dairy cow manure that is processed by earthworms (Eisenia foetida). It is Certified Organic and environmentally friendly. It is odourless, weed free and guaranteed not to burn, as it is pH balanced and contains billions of beneficial micro-organisms that give the soil its life and fertility. Fertilis is true ‘food-state’ nutrition for the Earth.

N 2%, P2%, and K 1%.

  • Can be applied to all soils
  • Soil Conditioner and top dressing for lawns, indoor and outdoor plants
  • For planting out seedlings, bulbs, etc
  • For making top quality potting soil and germination mix
  • Seasonal application on shrubs, flowers, roses, and trees

Fertilis Worm Castings Product Benefits

  • Contains no harmful ingredients to man or the environment
  • Helps to restore natural balance and structure to soils
  • It is naturally Ph balanced
  • Combats pollution and helps lock CO2 into soil
  • Results in healthier, better developed plants with higher yields
  • Slow release – apply only once every season
  • Reduces costs to gardener / farmer by almost 20% overall
  • Produces healthier, tastier edibles with longer shelf life
  • Facilitates re-activation of dormant earthworms in any soil
  • Improves water retention and aeration of soil
  • Reduces need for toxic pesticides