Essentials Digital Moisture Meter


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The Essentials Digital Moisture Meter allows you to easily measure the level of moisture in drying herbs, indicating whether the dried product is ready for curing or storage. It is ideal for testing herbs that are drying, or plants such as tobacco or tea.

This moisture meter is easy to use and comes with a handy carry case, as well as a 9V “Block” battery.

  • Power on the unit and remove the protective probe pin cap – be careful when using the unit, as the probes are very sharp and cause injury to self, others, or pets.
  • Insert the pins into the substance that is being dried to see the moisture content – the pins should ideally be pushed 5mm into the tested substance.
  • The moisture reading will now be displayed on the screen – you can press the HOLD button to “freeze” the current reading, in case you need to write it down.
  • Turn unit off again after use and clean the pins carefully with a soft moist cloth if necessary. Remove the battery from the unit if it is not going be used for an extended period of time.
  • The meter has a reading range of between 5 and 40 % moisture content.