Cocogreen 10L Coir Pop Up


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Cocogreen 10L Coir Pop Up – just add water. Coarser coco coir towards the bottom of the brick removes the need to add perlite. (Ideally, drop the dry pop up into a shallow tray filled with water / nutrient solution to soak and decompress)

Dimensions: Approx. 22 x 22 x 14cm(H) after soaking.

Moisture Control Technology (MCT) has redefined the substrate industry. MCT® provides a homogeneous moisture content from the top to the bottom of the substrate, enabling establishment of more fine roots, less run-off and higher yield and crop quality across large areas. Growers often comment on the visual uniformity and health of crops grown in Cocogreen MCT; allowing them more time and money to focus on other areas of their farm management.

With MCT, for every liter of substrate you use to grow your crop, the output is significantly improved versus any other type of substrate. This means that you can use less substrate per kg of produce. Typically, 20% less than a competitor product, with more reliable results. Try your Cocogreen 10L Coir Pop Up today!

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