Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter 12mm


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The Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter 12mm is designed to be used with all sizes of FlexiTank or any other large tank. The Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter 12mm is simply pushed onto the tap provided. The 12mm filter is incorporated along its length to filter the water before it moves along to the other connected pipes. This fitting allows the user to push 12mm pipe, (Hosepipe) onto the end of the adapter.

The filter resides within the length of the fitting. It reduces impurities in the water before it enters the pipework connected to the AQUAvalves trays and pots. This helps prevent the build up of sediment and the clogging of pipework.

You should always use a filter with all AutoPot Watering Systems, it is very important that you check and clean the filter regularly. If you use an inline filter it should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks. A poorly maintained filter can result in disrupted nutrient solution supply and even block the AQUAvalves.

Generally, if you keep clean and make sure your reservoir and AutoPot trays do not get contaminated with debris, your AQUAvalve should work perfectly for the duration of your crop. If you are growing long term crops you should service your AQUAvalves every 3 months.

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