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The CANNA Coco Professional Plus Brick is the exact same high quality as the much desired loose fill CANNA COCO but in a compressed form. This means it is made from the highest quality ingredients. It is washed and buffered, not steam sterilized, and RHP certified for horticulture. Each pack yields 40 liters of expanded coco coir in total ( each pack consists of 2 bags, each bag containing a brick that yields 20lt )

CANNA has developed a specially designed hole which causes the bridge to expand faster than you have ever seen before. Especially when used in combination with the packaging of the brick. The packaging is in fact a bag in which the brick is designed to be soaked. No more endless stirring and waiting for the coco to finally be ready for use.

Advantages of CANNA Coco Professional Plus Brick:

  • Compressed form but same high quality
  • Extra capacity to absorb water
  • Expands very fast and ready to use right away

Directions for use:

CANNA COCO is a fantastic plant growth medium, offering many advantages to both the gardener and his plants. CANNA COCO is, manufactured from coconuts grown in India. During the production process, the quality is monitored continuously, to ensure a high-quality product.

CANNA COCO is a natural product with a homogenous structure. CANNA COCO is free of harmful viruses and soil-borne diseases. The coconut pith fiber contains a complex water/ air mixture, which provides an ideal environment for almost every breeding method. CANNA COCO is re-usable and ultimately it can be disposed of in outdoor garden areas.

Water usage:


  • Water as required with the special CANNA Coco A and B fertilizer.
  • Adjust container size if containers dry down to slow or if impossible to manually apply daily.


  • Adjust the system to apply irrigation with nutrients, to 20% drainage, when 50% of the crop has used or loss 50% of the water the container can hold.


About 5 liters of coco fertilizer solution per m2 a day (for full-grown plants). For bigger plants use a minimum of 5 liters. Using a larger pot provides you with a more stable root environment. Keep in mind, you will want to provide sufficient drainage in your pots. Use a thin layer of clay pellets, or stone, at the bottom of the pot for proper drainage.

CANNA COCO coconut pith fiber is a high quality product. Its texture, porosity and purity make it and excellent grow medium. Furthermore, the coconut is pre-treated during a special process. This is necessary to obtain an optimal growing condition, assuring the best development potential of your plants. Use CANNA COCO with the appropriate fertilizer and you know you are investing in quality and consistency!




  1. Open the bag
    Tip: the fracture line makes it easy to break the brick if you wish to make 10 liters of coco instead of 20 liters
  2. Add clean water (also pour through the holes) in steps of 0.5 to 1 liter until the coco is totally expanded
    Tip: use lukewarm to warm water to increase the speed of expansion
  3. If needed, loosen the coco a bit with your hands into a uniform product.