Bud Juice Boom Bloom




Bud Juice Boom Bloom – designed to increase yields by inducing prolific flowering! Boom Bloom contains available Phosphorous and Potassium – both key players in fruit and flower formation – transported by organic acid carriers to eliminate lock-out and maximize uptake.

Used during the flowering stage.

Bud Juice Boom Bloom directions:

  • Shake well before use. Use within 24 hours of mixing
  • Use in conjunction with Bud Juice TNT for optimal results
  • Flowering Stage: 1- 3 ml/lt once per week (increase concentration as harvest nears)

More on phosphorus and potassium during flowering…

During a plant’s fruiting or flowering phase, phosphorus and potassium play critical roles in supporting robust reproductive growth and development. Phosphorus is essential for energy transfer and storage within the plant, facilitating crucial processes like photosynthesis, respiration, and the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Particularly during the flowering phase, phosphorus promotes the formation of strong root systems and encourages prolific flower development, ultimately leading to the production of high-quality fruits or flowers. Additionally, phosphorus aids in the transfer of energy from one part of the plant to another, ensuring efficient nutrient utilization during this crucial reproductive stage.

Meanwhile, potassium is equally vital during the fruiting or flowering phase, contributing to various physiological processes essential for optimal reproductive performance. Potassium regulates water uptake and transport within the plant, maintaining turgor pressure and preventing wilting, especially in times of high water demand. Furthermore, potassium enhances enzyme activation, photosynthesis, and carbohydrate metabolism, all of which are pivotal for robust flower and fruit formation. By ensuring proper potassium levels, growers can promote healthier plants with improved disease resistance, better stress tolerance, and ultimately, higher yields of quality fruits or flowers.