Black Plant Bags


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Black Plant Bags can be used to ‘plant-up’ seedlings to give them more growing room before transplanting, or to give you a place to put growing seedlings that don’t have bed space yet.

Black plant bags are used as a cheap alternative to pots and in cases where the grower is planting large volume of plants like the ones that you would see in nursery environments. Also used as a cheap alternative for different transplant stages before they go into final pots or beds. The bags have drainage holes on the side of the bags, creating a slight water build up in the bottom for extra thirsty plants.

Useful tip!! If you need better drainage layer the bottom with a good 2.5cm layer of Leca and that will make a big difference in aeration.

Sizes: (L/W/H)

1L – 65 microns, 10cm x 8cm x 20cm

2L – 70 microns, 12cm x 13cm x 16cm

6L – 110 microns, 17cm x 15cm x 21cm

10L – 125 microns, 19cm x 15cm x 25cm

20L – 150 microns, 23cm x 20cm x 41cm

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