BioBizz Outdoor Try Pack


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BioBizz Outdoor Try Pack – If you’re into the idea of indoor cultivation but not sure how to start, try the BioBizz Indoor Try Pack!

Each pack contains:

250ml Fish·Mix
250ml Bio·Bloom
250ml Top·Max

Biobizz World Wide Organics is dedicated to the production and export of organic fertilizers ensuring the highest quality of each of the products we create, as well as the result that the grower gets when they use them.

Biobizz was born in 1992 in Groningen, the Netherlands. At that time, it was a small family business, with a smaller product line, but the DNA of the product was already very present.

Since then Biobizz has not stopped growing. Today they are present in 70 different countries, but the feeling is still that of belonging to a family, because all team members know each other and work together to ensure that Biobizz continues to be a leading company in the sector.

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Feeding Schedules:

You don’t need to use ALL of the products on the feeding schedules to get great results, especially if you are just “trying” BioBizz out.

The key thing to remember is that BioBizz is an organic nutrient, which means that beneficial microbes need to break the nutrients down to make them plant-available. “Clean” coco coir based substrates will not have these microbes present in them and they would need to be added in order to get colonies established in the substrate to break these nutrients down. Enriched/amended substrates will often have beneficial microbes added in, either directly, or by the addition of bacteria-carrying amendments like worm castings or compost, so there is less need to worry about them being present.

Additionally, as can be seen below, enriched substrates (“hot soils”), require less supplemental feeding, because they are already packed with nutrient-rich amendments. Some enriched substrates will favor the plants’ vegetative phase and some are more geared towards providing nutrition during the blooming/fruiting phases – the composition of your chosen substrate will have an impact on your feeding requirements.

Luckily, organic nutrients tent to be more forgiving when it comes to dosing than mineral nutrients – no need to stress too much, just follow the recommended schedule!


BioBizz Feeding Schedule (Alg·A·Mic omitted)