8.5lt Autopot Pot Divider


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8.5lt Autopot Pot Divider – Get more from your Autopot modules!

PotDivider allows you to multiply your plant count without increasing system size. At a stroke, each of your pots is capable of holding four plants – each in its own separate section.

Excellent for tight-leaved varieties, herbs or for rooting seedlings for transplant!

PotDivider is perfect for the pre-veg stage, and is equally effective with plants that simply don’t require the run of an entire pot. A partitioned base removes the need for a clay pebble layer or Autopot AirBase in the bottom of the pot. When the time comes, the Pot Divider lifts out cleanly, bringing your nascent plants with it, making the process of removing plants and repotting an absolute cinch.

8.5lt Autopot Pot Divider instruction leaflet HERE

Examples of use:

Create a deep yet narrow planting pot – The importance of using a deep pot for seedlings, particularly for plants with taproots, lies in promoting healthy root development and ensuring the long-term stability and vigor of the plant. Taproots are the primary root structures that grow vertically downward from the seed and serve as the main anchor for the plant. There are several reasons why a deep pot is beneficial for seedlings with taproots.


Maximize a smaller grow space – Growing multiple small plant varieties in the same pot, often referred to as companion planting or mixed container gardening, is an innovative and space-efficient gardening approach that offers several advantages. This method allows for a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and scents, creating visually appealing and/or multifunctional arrangements. Additionally, it maximizes the use of limited space, making it an ideal option for balconies, patios, or small gardens. By carefully selecting plant combinations, you can create dynamic ecosystems within a single container, promoting biodiversity and attracting beneficial insects.