3 Way Soil Meter


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The 3 Way Soil Meter takes the guesswork out of container gardening and features 3 different test meters in one device.

  • Measures moisture content of soil or substrate, so that you will know when you need to water.
  • Measures pH of soil or substrate, enabling you take appropriate action when needed.
  • The meter also has a built in light sensor ( 0 – 2000 ), with “2000” equating to around 40 000 Lux in our own tests.

The 3 Way Soil Meter is ready to use and requires no batteries.

When using, make sure prong tips are clean and ensure that the prongs of the meter penetrate at least 4 inches into the soil or substrate. ( Not suitable to test the pH of liquids ). Clean prongs and prong tips after use.

Remember to take readings from different parts of each container, allowing 60 seconds for meter to settle after insertion.

During pH measurement:

A reading of 7 is pH neutral.

For conventional soils in planted beds:

Between 3 and 7 is acidic. To make the soil more alkaline, for every 1 pH add approx 300g per square meter of Lime.

Between 7 and 10 is Alkaline. To make the soil more acidic, for every 1 pH add approx 70g per square meter of Sulphate of Ammonia.

Read up on your crop’s specific needs regarding pH. (Usually around 6 pH)