10.0 pH Calibrating Solution




10.0 pH Calibrating Solution is to be used with the Digital pH Pen

Suitable for all makes and models of pH pens and meters. pH 10.0 Calibration Solution is easy to use! Just dip your electrode into a small amount of the buffer and adjust the meter to read 10.0. Do not reuse solution.

10.0 pH Calibrating Solution is used to calibrate your pH meter to ensure it maintains it’s accuracy. It is made under strict industry standards in order to give you a solution that is highly accurate and of good quality that will last up to 1 year once opened.

Made from high quality salts and de-ionized water, they are made to be accurate up to +/- 0.01 pH and will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your meters consistently accurate.

Tip: The more you use your pH Pen or Meter, the more often do you need to calibrate.

Important tips which will help you calibrate the pH meter accurately:

    • Follow the Manual

The calibration process will change depending on the meter being used. Always read the manual when you receive the pH meter in order to understand your specific meter and perform calibration correctly.

    • Use the Right pH Buffers

When you perform a pH meter calibration, you must ensure that appropriate buffers are being used. If you want to measure any substance that has a pH of 9 but you calibrate your meter to a pH of 7, you will certainly not get an accurate measurement. The pH measurements are the most accurate only when the calibration points bracket the measurement.

    • Calibrate Often

It is recommended that you calibrate the pH meter every time you need to perform a new set of measurements to get accurate results. It can even help you identify a problem with electrodes. Ideally, you must calibrate your meter when:

– You use it for the first time
– Use it after it has been stored for a long time
– Before performing a new set of measurements

    • Use Best Practices

Some of the suggested best practices are as follows:

– Ensuring that the glass bulb of the pH electrode is well hydrated before you perform the calibration. Calibrating a dry pH electrode will require frequent calibrations.

– Using sufficient amount of pH buffer to fully submerge the pH bulb and the reference junction, which is usually a small ceramic frit on the side of the probe. Always use fresh buffer solution for calibration as old or used buffer solutions may be contaminated.

– Stir the solution during the process of pH meter calibration and measurement, and wait for the electrode reading to stabilize before noting each calibration point.

    • Electrode Care

You must handle the electrodes with extreme care as they are responsible for taking the measurements. Never store them in distilled or deionized water as it damages or dehydrates the sensing glass of the pH electrode and depletes reference electrolyte. Rather, store the electrodes in proper storage solution as it ensures that your electrode provides stable and highly responsive readings due to a well-hydrated bulb.