Cheeba Africa Cannabis Courses – Brought To You By Africa’s First Dedicated Cannabis Academy

With over 10 years experience in the education industry, Cheeba Africa Cannabis Courses are now available, both online and also in-person cannabis courses, allowing people to get involved, get educated and get ahead as the industry grows ever larger.

Cheeba works closely with lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, growers, industry professionals and government organizations to ensure that the courses are up to date and current. Their medical cannabis courses are brought to you in partnership with the US based cannabis online education platform Medical Marijuana 411. With over 800+ current, peer reviewed citations, Medical Marijuana 411 is the leader in online medical marijuana education for patients, medical professionals and dispensary consultants.

Their online courses have been updated to localize content where relevant and students are given lifetime access to their student dashboard to review materials at any time in the future.

They also provide free access to Cannabis education though their online media channel Craft Cannabis TV and their webinars.

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