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WeTrimmer Trimming Scissors by CBDry (creators of the WeDryer Drying Nets) are professional trimming scissors, developed especially for the needs of growers, featuring:

  • Long blades that are designed to increase efficiency.
  • Developed and designed with the help of surgeons. Maximized comfort and efficiency of long usage during trimming.
  • Gold-coated titanium for high quality and long life blades.
  • Innovative development that allows you to keep more essential oils & materials on the flowers.

WeTrimmer Trimming Scissors are larger than the standard sized pruning scissors that we have become used to (21cm long), with 7.5cm long cutting edges, one of which is finely toothed. the cutting blades are also thicker (each blades is 3mm thick).

Wetrimmer Trimming Scissors Size Comparison
Size Comparison


Wetrimmer Trimming Scissors Blade Thickness Comparison
Blade Thickness Comparison


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