WeDryer Magic Carbon Filters




WeDryer Magic Carbon Filters – a great idea from Wedryer!

These handy little carbon scrubbers are the perfect solution for removing odours or as an incoming air filter without breaking the bank.

  • Reduces odors ( Lasts for 60 – 80 days of continuous use )
  • Induces filtered air into the system
  • Easy installation
  • Compact and economical

Two sizes are available, both 25mm thick:

10cm disk – Fits snugly into local 100mm ducting, but might still need to be clamped into place, using a ducting clamp.

14cm disk – Fits loosely into local 150mm ducting, and will need to be clamped into place, using a ducting clamp.

The WeDryer Magic Carbon Filters will help to eliminate unwanted odours that are exhausted from your growing space with an inline fan or wall fan. Exhaust fans are required in a grow area to prevent excess heat and moisture in your grow space and also to prevent CO2 depletion. These filters can also be installed inside a ducted intake, to help purify the air that you are letting into your area.

For larger grow rooms, please see our other available carbon filters.