Waterproof Cable Connector

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The Waterproof Cable Connector is a safe and reliable way to connect cabling. Outdoor enthusiasts rejoice!  Ideal for projects that must weather the weather: dust, condensation, water, rain and snow.

This compact waterproof cable connector is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It is small, lightweight and easy to install. Widely used in outdoor cable connection, high-power outdoor lighting due to the waterproof and moisture proof feature.

  • CABLE DIAMETER – Ø 6mm -10mm, available for 3-pin cables. Color coded screws (silver, gold and black) to ensure that the same corresponding wires are connected.
  • DIY TOOLS – Easy to install, one only needs a screwdriver to connect wires.
  • WATERPROOF – IP68, moisture and dust-proof, temperature resistance, safe and reliable.
  • WIDELY USED –  in homes, gardens, farms or outdoor lighting, such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, lighthouses, cruise ships, aviation, industrial equipment, cables and sprinklers, etc.

Technical features:

Protection Rating     : IP68 protection

Water and dust proof connectivity products are defined by their Ingress Protection (IP) numbers.  The first number after IP is for the part’s protection against solid objects like dust and sand.  This number can range from 0, meaning no protection against dust and sand, and 6, meaning 100% protection against dust and sand.

The second number after IP is for the part’s protection against liquids.  It ranges from 0 to 8.

Waterproof Cable Connector contains 3 contacts for power connection. When the connector is turned off, your connection is rated IP68.

Please note: the same core cable should be used on either end.