Vitalink Clay Pebbles


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Vitalink  Clay Pebbles (Often also called LECA) offer strong structural integrity and enable good root aeration and development. They have a lower bulk density than clay pebbles of other brands, which means they are more porous and have a better ability to retain water. The pebbles are also irregularly shaped, increasing their surface area compared to rounded pebbles thus allowing the plants more contact with nutrient solution.

  • Totally inert = stable EC and pH
  • Unique irregular shape and porosity which increases their surface area
  • Reduced dust compared to regular pebbles
  • VitaLink Clay Pebbles are available in 45L bags with pebble sizes of 8 – 20 mm.

These premium clay pebbles have a very stable EC and pH, meaning they will not significantly change the pH of your nutrient solution, or leak undesired minerals into it.

Vitalink Clay Pebbles are ideal for hydroponic systems, including flood and drain, multi-pot and drip-ring systems, as well as support media for deep water culture.

Vitalink Clay Pebbles can also be used to mix with other substrates to improve their structure, or to add a drainage layer in the bottom of pots.

The pebbles have been triple filtered to avoid smaller pebbles and dust, but we advise to wash them prior to use as there may be some dust created whilst they are in transit.

Water retention capacity 10%

EC 0.5 mS/cm²

pH 5.5-7.5