Urban Farms Earthworm Castings


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Urban Farms Earthworm Castings (25lt bag), a premium vermicast organic fertilizer and soil conditioner, consisting of 80% pure worm castings.

Urban Farms is a member of the Organic Recycling Association of South Africa (ORASA), and have provided Food Waste Recycling Services to blue-chip South African businesses since 2013.

Urban Farms beneficiates food & other organic wastes using earthworms, recycling these wastes to produce a balanced organic fertilizer and soil ameliorant. Their quality-controlled mesophilic vermiculture production process results in a uniform & reliable organic end-product – which means guaranteed consistent results for their customers.

Build or rebuild soils and substrates with Urban Farms Earthworm Castings…

  • (Re)establish microbial life
  • Attract other Earthworms ( outdoors and in gardens )
  • Improve your soil’s water holding capacity and structure
  • A carbon rich amendment ( C:N ratio is 30:1 )
  • The advanced decomposition stage of the vermicompost is readily absorbable by plants
  • Provided a natural source of essential plant hormones and amino acids – vital for efficient nutrient uptake
  • Improves germination and results in stronger seedlings
  • Increases root depth
  • Reduces transplant shock and harmful bacteria and molds