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Trichoderma is a beneficial fungus that grows on plant roots offering protection from disease and stimulating healthy root growth. When applied just once to recently rooted cuttings, coats a protective layer of ‘friendly’ fungi around the roots of your plants. This ‘friendly’ fungi grows with your roots providing lifelong protection to your plants against disease causing fungi and bacteria. Popular with commercial growers as ‘cheap insurance’.

Disease control

Trichoderma spores germinate and colonize the soil immediately surrounding plant roots, living off the nutrients that all plants exude from their roots. As it is fast growing it is capable of out-competing and displacing crop pathogens (i.e. disease-causing organisms). Trichoderma forms various compounds which are inhibitory to the growth of crop pathogens. Trichoderma stimulates the plants natural immune system, making the plant more resistant to infection from disease-causing organisms.

Plant Growth

Enhances and stimulates plant growth and help buffer plants from extreme conditions such as water logging, drought, pH, nutritional stress, etc. This is because it protects developing roots from naturally occurring sub-lethal pathogens, resulting in more feeder roots and many more root hairs. Improves root efficiency and nutrient uptake resulting from mycorrhizal-like associations. Stimulates the production of several natural plant hormones enhancing the growth of plants and even the rooting of cuttings. Seed germination is often also improved.

Size: 5 grams

SPECIES: Trichoderma Asperellum


Soil Drench – 1g to 4L water

Circulating Hydroponics – 1g to 8L water