SmartStart Cool White LED Bars

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SmartStart Cool White LED Bars can be used as a light source when rooting cuttings, for seedlings, or when growing leafy greens vertically in an NFT system.

Consists of 2 LED bars that are each 1170mm in length from end to end, a 1.2m ZA 3-point electrical cord and four mounting clips. (2 for each bar)

  • Color Temperature: 9000 6500 Kelvin optimal for vegging and propagating plants in early development
  • 54mol/s The Intensity of plant lighting.
  • Beam Angle: 120° for a greater spread of light.
  • Simple and ultra-slim design. Connect up to 50 strips end to end on a 20 amp circuit.
  • IP65 waterproof protection of housing and connectors which means you can mist and spray your plants without the hazard of water getting into the electrical equipment.
  • 20W power draw per strip.