Single Ended Mantis Reflector

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The Single Ended Mantis Reflector, by Powerplant, is a large, adjustable grow light reflector that looks great too!

This reflector consists out of a Spine and Cord Set and a Wing Set, which together make up the unit once assembled. There is some room for the vertical adjustment of the E40 fitting inside of the reflector’s housing bracket, which allows you fit wider diameter lamps to the reflector ( e.g. larger Spiral CFL lamps ). The wings of the reflector can be adjusted higher and lower, using the notches in the arms of the Mantis. This allows you to bounce all of the light produced by the inserted grow lamp down onto your plants according to your needs – create a wider, more gentle coverage area during veg, or narrow down the illuminated footprint to intensify light exposure during bloom time.

The Single Ended Mantis Reflector comes with a standard Cord Set, suitable for Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Lamps of up to 750 W.

The reflector’s dimensions are: Length (down the spine): 56 cm, Width: 70 cm, Height: 23 cm.

Don’t forget to purchase a set of Rope Ratchets to hang your reflector from!

HPS is still “Hot”:

Everyone knows about LED grow lights and their benefits by now, but a surprising number of growers are still using the tried and tested hot running HPS lamps for their grows.

The heat that is generated by an HPS lamp is actually welcomed during the cold winter months of the year – your lamp now provides both light and heat for your plants!

HPS lights are still way more affordable for a lot of people – it is a lot lighter on one’s pocket to set up an HPS fixture than it is to purchase a LED fixture.