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The Seven Leaf Magazine, published by Lit Tree Media and edited by Mazwi Samzizy Base is a new, local “canna-centric” periodical, packed with news of local events, community and promotions and Cannabis related articles – from medicinal information and industry news to growing tips and legal guidelines.

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Seven Leaf Issues available:

Volume 1, Issue 1:

  • Legislation – Be Careful what you wish for. By Julian Stobbs
  • Medicinal Benefits Of Cannabis
  • Cannabis is Sacramental
  • The Rural Community and Cannabis
  • Exorcising the Dagga Demon
  • Women in Cannabis
  • The Healing Power of Cannabis
  • The World of Edibles
  • Cannabis and the SDG
  • Cannabis under the Microscope
  • Growing Cannabis for Beginners
  • How Much Weed may I Grow
  • Why it makes No Sense to compare Alcohol with Cannabis
  • Cannabis Trends in our World

Volume 1, Issue 2:

  • Heal me or Kill Me
  • Saving the Environment with Cannabis
  • A Legal Perspective of Cannabis in South Africa
  • The Misdeed of Legalizing Cannabis
  • From Patient to Multimillionaire
  • Dagga in the Mail
  • Cannabis is the Future
  • Nomenclature and Science
  • Cannabis – Good vs. Evil
  • Drive into the Future with Hemp
  • How to Consume Cannabis
  • The Power of Cannabis Oil