Seedstarter Germination Medium

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Seedstarter Germination Medium

The Premium Seedstarter germination medium has been formulated to create the ideal conditions for seed germination.The finer soil matrix, good aeration, seedling specific nutrient levels and inoculation with beneficial microorganisms are the main reasons for the success rate of the Seedstarter.

Directions of use: Add germination medium to seedling tray and water thoroughly the first time.Plant seeds and water again lightly for seeds to settle. After the first drying cycle, keep the medium moist. For optimum results, water with pH 5.5 – 6.0

Quality guaranteed. We take meticulous care in sourcing, formulating, preparing and blending the components of our mediums to ensure consistent quality. If you experience with this product is not excellent please contact us.

  • A fine matrix specifically formulated for seed germination
  • Excellent for all seeds
  • Free from pathogens and weeds
  • Suitable for both inorganic and organic fertilizer amendments
  • Recycle and reuse


Coco Coir, Fine Vermiculite, Perlite, Volcanic Rock Dust, Bone Meal, Gypsum, Fermented probiotic bran.

All ingredients are 100% Natural.

Size: 15L