Saula Seedling Substrate 20L


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Saula Seedling Substrate 20L is a peat moss substrate used for sowing and seedlings. It is a neutralized peat-based product that contains everything necessary for plant germination and growth.

Saula Seedling Substrate 20L is ideal for sowing of seeds, propagation and the cultivation of plants sensitive to salt concentrations. Contains fertilizers and trace elements specifically selected for easier absorption by plants. Ensures optimal plant nutrition, root development and a great water absorption promoter.

Tips: Moisten the substrate with a little water the night before using it. The best time to carry out the transplanting is in the morning on a cool day or late afternoon on a warm day.
Saula Seedling Substrate is ideal for improving the physical characteristics of soil intended for growing fruits or vegetables.

  • Component parts: Main component – peat moss (sphagnum), H3-H7
  • Additives: Limestone and fertilizer with trace elements
  • Composition: Fine
  • Moisture: >=60%
  • Organic substance content: 90-95%
  • Acidity pH: 5.5-6.5

Size: 20L