SANlight Flex LED Driver GST 25

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The SANlight Flex LED Driver GST 25 is the recommended LED driver needed for power the SANlight FLEX 10.

This driver is usable for 1 – 2 x SANlight Flex10 bar LEDs

Mean Well GST: Plug-In Style Power Adapter

This is a standard desktop power supply adapter. They are sometimes referred to as computer power supplies because they are mainly used in powering computers or other consumer electronics.  The Mean Well GST series comply with the newest energy efficiency regulations (EISA 2007 and DoE Level VI). This is a highly efficient AC to DC switching power supply that features no load power consumption, improving upon the older designs.

This is the preferred power supply if you would like to simply plug into a standard wall outlet. The GST uses a 3-pole design to plug into common household receptacles and then lead into a 2.1mm output connector. A perfect plug-in option for LED flex strips, it is as simple as connecting the parts together.