Rosin Press

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The Rosin Press is one of the fastest ways to extract resin from botanicals. The principle is to use heat and pressure to remove the resin from the flowers.

ROSIN PRESS 15 Ton – money making machine.

The resin can then be used for various applications.

Tips for High Yield Rosin Pressing:

When  pressing, there are 3 key factors.

Time of press, Temperature of the plates and Pressure.

Heated plate size: 150mm x 125mm

Since every botanical will react differently, you will need to play around with time, temperature and pressure to find what works best with your product.

The following are guidelines only:

Bubble Hash – 32-70C or 5-20sec

Flowers – 68-115C for 10-30sec

To be used with the Rosin Tea Bags