Powerplant 600W Controllable Electronic Ballast

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A Powerplant 600W Controllable Electronic Ballast can be used to power a single 600 W HID lamp ( High Intensity Discharge, either HPS or MH ), but these ballasts can also be connected to a controller (sold separately), to control multiple lights in a large grow room in unison.

A Powerplant controller (Thermostat and temperature sensor included) can control up to 100 ballasts and enables the grower to program in features like:

  • Day – night cycle
  • Sunrise and sunset feature
  • Auto dimming feature
  • Auto shutdown feature

NB!!! ONLY use 600 W lamps with this ballast !

The ballast offers dimming settings (300W (50%) & 450W (75%)) which allow growers to control temperature, as less heat will be produced at lower settings. This is also required to allow the Sunrise/Sunset features of the controller.

The ballast also has a 690W (120%) boosting setting.

A lamp should be allow to operate at its default Wattage for 100 hours, before it is dimmed or boosted!

The ballast should be put onto the EXT setting when connected to the Powerplant Controller for its operation

Ballast is fitted with a female IEC socket (“kettle plug”) output and can be connected to any reflector with suitable wiring and a male IEC socket (e.g: a Lumii Black Reflector)

Ballast include 2 x RJ12 connecting leads and 1 x RJ12 Splitter (for use with the Powerplant Controller)

1 Year Warranty


Powerplant 600W Controllable Electronic Ballast Tech Specs:

Power             600 W

Input              230 V

AMP               2.9 A

PF                  >0.99

Hz                 50/60

Ta                  0-40°c

Tc                  75°c

IP                  20