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Mycoroot, the home of mycorrhizal fungi. An organic microbial fertilizer that boosts yield and production by enhancing soil health and plant root functioning.

Mycorrhiza literally means ‘fungus root’. These are beneficial fungi found in undisturbed soils. These fungi form a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship with 90 percent of all plant roots. The host plant receives mineral nutrients from the fungus. The fungus obtains sugars from the host plant. There are several types of mycorrhizal associations.

Should be added in the planting hole at transplant stage, to be used in conjunction with Rock Phosphate for best results.

Promotes lateral root development to ensure maximum use of soil when gardening in containers.

Keeps the development of other fungus at bay and has a symbiotic relationship with Trichoderma.

Enhanced diseases tolerance.

Increase water and nutrient uptake.

Improves soil structures and aeration.

Increases flowering, fruit set and yielding abilities.

Indigenous mycorrhizal fungi forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant. This fungi improves the soil, a plant’s tolerance to disease and climatic factors, uptake of water and nutrients, root development, yield and plant success rate.

Transplanting: 20 – 50ml in planting hole.

Established plants: 100 – 200ml worked around the plant.

Pot Plants: 5 – 20ml worked in top layer.