Multi Purpose 4 Liter Still

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Multi Purpose 4 Liter Still – IMPORTANT !!! – Improper use of this machine can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, possibly even FATAL. Steam burns may occur when the lid is removed while its contents is hot. Explosions may occur when working with flammable liquids like alcohol, ethanol etc. Distillation is a delicate process requiring experience, constant supervision and adequate safety measures.

This still has a 4lt capacity and is used to distill (evaporate and then condensate) various liquids – to extract them from the liquid solutions they were in, for example:

  • Making distilled water
  • Making distilled wine
  • Reclaiming Ethanol from extracts (Tip: Making RSO/FECO and similar: Use a small enough oven-safe dish to hold the herbal extraction (tincture) inside the still and add water to the bottom of the still tank when recovering alcohol from tinctures. This makes it easier to recover the oil and keeps it from touching the actual still tank. Ethanol evaporates at 78 degrees Celsius)


  • Read and understand the instruction manual before using
  • The machine includes a small activated carbon pack inside of the top body water outlet – this will further purify water when water is being distilled and can be removed during cleaning, or when using the still for other purposes.
  • Always ensure that the silicone seal around the head of the unit is clean and seated properly as this seal must be airtight for the machine to operate correctly.
  • The machine is to be cleaned out using the included citric acid (labelled as “Detergent”) according to the instruction manual before first use.
  • Never use course or abrasive cleaning materials to clean the machine with.
  • The machine (top head and also body) is not waterproof and cannot be placed inside a dishwasher or washed with regular dishes.
  • Only operate the machine in dry, well ventilated areas.
  • The machine will cycle between on and off, indicated by the red and green lights during normal operation – this ensures that the temperature is kept in the desired range.
  • Always switch OFF AND fully unplug the machine before opening the head.
  • Allow at least 10 minutes of cooldown time after the machine has turned off (for whatever reason) before opening the head.

Multi Purpose 4 Liter Still FEATURES:

  • Advanced silent fan and 2-disk supercooling
  • Variable temperature setting dial – 0 – 150 degrees Celsius
  • Tank-fill level indicator
  • Stainless steel still
  • Plastic water catchment bottle included
  • Rated voltage: 220 V
  • Rated frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power rating: 750 W
  • Volume: 4 L
  • Degree of evaporation: 1 L/h
  • Size: 290 × 290 × 500 mm
  • Over-temperature safety: Cut off at temperature of 160°C.