Mini Dehumidifier

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This Mini Dehumidifier uses Peltier technology (no compressor) to remove moisture from the air, making it light, quiet and energy efficient (65 W power draw).

It can remove between 600ml and 700ml of water in 24hrs in HIGH humidity conditions (25° C and 85% R.H.)

We estimate a 24hr water removal rate of approx. 330mls in 25° C and 60% R.H. conditions.

The recommended working environment for this unit is conditions of over 15° C and over 40% R.H.

The Mini Dehumidifier has a catchment tank capacity of 1.6 liters and will turn off by automatically when this tank is full. The unit does include some piping that can be attached to create a continuous drain from the outlet. This continuous drain pipe can then drain in to a larger container (if the dehumidifier is placed on a high enough surface to allow for this).

The dehumidifier does not heat up air to room temperature again, after passing over the cooling Peltier plate – which will have a cooling effect on the air in the space where it is used over time.

The dehumidifier does not have any R.H. settings (a built in hygrostat), but can be wired up to a humidity controller if needed.

The Mini Dehumidifier is suited for small, enclosed spaces, where excess humidity is a problem, for example closet grows, or closet drying.

Dimensions of unit: 24 cm(L), 14 cm (W), 36 cm(H)