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The Mars II 1600 LED Grow Light is designed to produce a superior yield and higher quality of vegetables and flowers all while reducing operational cost to around 1/3. You’ll use way less energy as you will not have to worry about heat or running aircon or additional cooling fans.

The Mars II  is 100% Plug & Play saving you money from having to buy additional equipment for your horticultural setup.

Rugged case design, heavy gauge heat sinks, dual ball bearing fans and quality Epistar LED’s all come together creating a powerful and long lasting grow light.

Grow for years without having to replace your lighting system. Mars II series grow lights are rated at 50,000 hours of use or more.

Offers a full spectrum for all growth cylces. Providing the correct wavelengths for Growth mode & Bloom mode, the spectral blend consist of 6 different LED wavelengths at 440nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 660nm deep red, 730nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k

Ideal for large Scale commercial operations or simply your garden indoors and grow your favourite plants all year long.

Mars II Features:

  • Control spectrum settings between Growth and Bloom mode. Use both Grow and Bloom during Flowering.
  • 5 Watt High intensity output LED Diodes

Optics Technology: Epistar™ 5watt single Chip (TOP-BIN) LED w/lens

Plug & Play Device:  there’s no need to purchase additional equipment.

Maximum Coverage: Covers 128cm x 128 cm and easily replace a 800W HPS or HID

Powerful: Next Generation Epistar™ High Intensity LED’s. (HI-LED)

MARS II 400 Specifications

LED Diode Brand: Epistar™ (HI-LED) High Intensity
LED Lifespan: 50 000 hours
Power Consumption:  240V: Growth429W±5%|Bloom:630W±5%
Coverage Area: 128cm x 128 cm
Spectrum: 440nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 660nm deep red, 730nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k
Compare to HPS/MH/HID: 800 watt
Operating Requirements: Input voltage: 85v-265v Amperage: 5.92 @ 120v | 3.148 @ 240v
Hanging Distance: Seedling: 60 cm-75cm, Growth: 45cm-60cm, Bloom: 30cm-45cm
Product Dimensions: 52cm x 52cm x 9cm
Product Weight: 15Kg
Plug Type: RSA
Warranty: 3 years – see below
Tips for LED’s:
1. As LED’s produce less heat, when handing feeding and watering, one should use less water. It is recommended that you use less than half of what you would use when growing under HID lights. However frequency of feeding should be the same. Always do a soil moisture test before watering and feeding.
2. Use both Grow and Bloom during flowering.
See more Grow Tips below.

Mars-Hydro Grow Light Warranty

The Mars-Hydro Grow Light Warranty means you get a 3 year extensive warranty on every grow light that’s fulfilled right here in South Africa. Any issues with your unit will be resolved quickly and without hassle.  Buy with confidence, buy Mars-Hydro.

Grow Light Warranty Procedure

E-mail or call us at the first sign of any problems with your unit and we will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. Please do not open the light without our permission as we are only responsible for problems that arise through manufacturing defects.

  • Repairs are free of charge within three years of purchase. Repairs done after three years of purchase are for the customer’s account.
  • We cover all shipping charges when problems occur during the first 3 months after purchase.
  • Shipping charges to us after 3 months and within one year after purchase is at the customer’s expense. Aeradix (Pty) Ltd will ship back to the customer free of charge.
  • All shipping charges are at the customer’s expense after one year.

The warranty covers the power supply, all fans and electronic components, including, but not limited to, light emitting diodes and light emitting diode drivers.


The light will be replaced in the event that a new replacement part does not correct the problem or there is a more complex problem.  The defective unit must be returned in its original packaging and box. If any part is missing or damaged, the sender will be charged additional fees for those parts or blemishes.


  • A repair fee is associated with the return of your product if the light has been tampered with or if the damage is caused by the customer.
  • The warranty becomes null and void if the warranty seal is broken without our consent.
  • Damage caused by abnormal use, neglect (such as dripping water), using the wrong input voltage, dropping or breaking the light, disassembling of the light, etc. voids the warranty completely.
  • Warranty coverage is ultimately left to the discretion of Mars-Hydro and Aeradix (Pty) Ltd. We reserve the right to refuse warranty repair or replacement services.
  • This warranty is subject to change without notice and is based on the warranty ultimately provided by Mars-Hydro.

Grow Tip

1.How do I determine the right light for my grow area?

Measure the floor space. Multiply the length times the width and this will give you the square footage. You should be able to get decent results with 30-50 actual watts of power per square foot.

2.For larger areas should I go with a single large panel or multiple medium to small lights?

Using multiple lights allows you to better distribute the intense light in more areas of the grow space instead of having all of the higher intensity light concentrated in only one area while the outer edges never receive intense light.

3.Recommended Hanging Distance Above Plants

Seedling: 60 cm-75cm, Growth: 45cm-60cm, Bloom: 30cm-45cm

4.Here are more tips for grow under our light:

Growth stage, turn Growth switch on. Bloom stage, turn Growth and Bloom switches on.

5.Recommended Lighting Time

Veg: 18/6(on/off) or 20/4(on/off) Flower: 12/12(on/off)

6.Recommended Growing Conditions

The rate of photosynthesis and transpiration are directly affected by temperature, humidity and airflow.

The perfect temperature and humidity for your plants are found between 75°-85°F and 50% – 70% humidity, with plenty of airflow to replenish CO2. PH is 6-6.5. You may add more calcium and magnesium than normally needed.

7.Please Note

The light is not water-proof, so do not use it under water environment.

Light may be too strong, please wear your sunglasses when looking at it.

Some leds seem dim. They are IR. Human eye can not see IR very clearly, but you can wear sunglasses to check.