LightHouse Round DryNet


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This multi-layer LightHouse Round DryNet has been designed to hang in a grow tent or grow room to allow customers to dry their flowers or herbs. It is collapsible and has 8 x 55cm layers.

LightHouse Round DryNet is perfect for drying crops and help prevent rotting by enabling air circulation. Eight sections 1.5m high (20cm per section) with a diameter of 55cm. Very sturdy and after use they collapse down for storage. 
Each layer has protective wall and a ventilation window keeping your herbs neatly organised and safely placed until perfectly dry.
This dry rack made of durable and breathable mesh allows quick drying and  maximum ventilation for high-value plants to prevent from moisture-caused mould and mildew. 

It has enough holding capacity allow you have plenty of space to dry your plants and air evenly.
You can hang it anywhere you’d like!