Kroptek Sunblast 660

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The Kroptek Sunblast 660 Watt LED fixture is the mid level model in the Kroptek Sunblast range. These lights are of a modular design and can be connected to a Kroptek Sunblast 330 to create a 1000 Watt fixture. Ideal for indoor grow rooms or greenhouses.

  • Fully Waterproof IP65 rated.
  • Fan-less passive cooling technology using wrought aluminium with high thermal conductivity.
  • The Kroptek Sunblast range emits broad spectrum light and has been scientifically proven to emit up to 2.2 µmol/J (spectrum dependent).
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Driver: Meanwell HLG-320H
  • Size: Two modules of L 743 mm x W 258 mm x H 98 mm or 220 mm ( with bracket ) each
  • Weight: 15.4 kg
  • KROPTEK LTD Spectrum (1)

The Sunblast series come in 3 variants of lens angles ( Mixed, 60° or 90° ) and we have brought in some fixtures with the KP-4 Spectrum (Kroptek’s standard spectrum) and the 90° lens angle. The 90° lens angle means that the hanging distance is equal to the coverage area – simple !

Output PER 330 Watt module below (Two of these make up a 660Watt fixture):

KropTek Sunblast 300 Watt Output Graph