Irrigatia 12 Dripper Extension Kit


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Irrigatia 12 Dripper Extension Kit:

These kits are designed to extend the scope of the basic Irrigatia irrigation kits as well as provide for alternative methods of plant watering when using Irrigatia.

The SOL-C12 & SOL-C24 basic irrigation kits come complete with 15m of tube and 12 of each drippers, stakes & t-pieces.

This 12 dripper extension kit extends the C24 to a 24 dripper system with 30m of tube.

Please note that adding more than 12 drippers to the C-12 reduces the amount of water supplied to each dripper.

The SOL-C120 kit contains no drippers but has a 25m length of 13mm tube which you connect this extension kit tube to, using the hole punch supplied in the C120 kit.

Irrigatia 12 Dripper Extension Kit Contents:

15m Tubing
12 Drippers
12 Stakes
12 Tee-junctions


More on Irrigatia:

Irrigatia weather responsive SMART irrigation controllers uniquely use solar power to detect the weather and alter watering according to the conditions and the season – providing plants with the precise irrigation they need to help them thrive.

They are easy to install and set up, and once in, they will water automatically with minimal supervision – ideal for small to medium gardens or allotments – and can be used for pots, raised beds, hanging baskets, vegetables and greenhouses.

Unlike conventional timer systems, by watering little and often, the soil stays moist and water does not run off, saving you water. No mains, wires, or hosepipes needed nor heavy watering cans to lug water around the garden.