Hydrodepot 600W Magnetic Ballast

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The Hydrodepot 600W Magnetic Ballast is made to power 600W lamps for your growing space ( HPS, MH, Dual Spectrum, CMH ). Such a ballast normally has an Amp draw of around 5 – 6 Amps, something that is to be kept in mind when planning your setup, as a lot of residential circuit breakers have a 20 Amp rating.

Always install and use electrical equipment according to prescribed standards. It is recommended to always use surge protection with any electrical equipment to prevent premature failure due to power spikes.

The Hydrodepot 600W Magnetic Ballast is equipped with a female kettle plug adaptor, making it easily compatible with reflectors and cooltubes that have a male kettle plug fitting.

1 year warranty from date of purchase.