Heat Spreader

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A Heat Spreader, also known as a Heat Shield deflects the heat and light from immediately underneath your lamp so you can position your light closer to your plants. It is useful where there is limited headroom and your plants have already grown up to your light but are not ready for harvest.

Another major advantage  is that it helps to give a uniform spread of light for more even plant growth and often, improves yield.  Supplied with fitting and easily attaches to your lamp holder.

The heat shield cleverly redirects heat and light from the central “hot spot” created beneath all horizontally mounted lamps towards grow room extremities. This enables your horizontal reflector to be placed much closer to plants to increase light levels and penetration, whilst maintaining similar (often greater) areas of production under each lamp.

The design is attractive, lightweight and easy to install.

The prismatic surface reflects and redirects light in a selective 4-way pattern for incredible results!

Will fit  250w – 600w lamps